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Virtual b2b-Matchmaking
German-Dutch Fieldlab: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Twins (AI4DT)
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Open until 30 December 2023

Objectives of the joint activities in the Dutch-German Fieldlab AI4DT:

  • to network companies in the field of Digital Twin and AI and to support B2B matchmaking,
  • to demonstrate potential benefits with demonstrators in the regional field labs, 
  • to provide companies, especially SMEs, with easy access to solutions, experts and knowledge,
  • to promote the dissemination of scientific results and make them available,
  • to initiate the use of economic potentials in SMEs by initiating projects and implementing them using existing funding formats for applied research and transfer, and
  • to stimulate the development of cooperations (companies, research institutions, transfer centers) in the B2B sector.
Virtual b2b-Matchmaking
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Germany 127
Netherlands 68
China 2
Austria 1
Singapore 1
Italy 1
Türkiye 1
Malaysia 1
Czech Republic 1
Tunisia 1
Finland 1
Bulgaria 1
Total 206