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Virtual b2b-Matchmaking
German-Dutch Fieldlab: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Twins (AI4DT)
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Open until 30 December 2023

Dutch Fieldlab - Brainport Industries Campus

The Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, brings together the most innovative and successful companies and institutes from the high-tech supply industry in the Brainport region under one roof. With the best resources and minds, they are jointly realizing a factory of the future here. A magnet for customers, talents and innovations. 

On the Brainport Industries Campus, cooperations come about quickly and have maximum flexibility. Companies and institutes use each other's strengths and specializations. In every area. In addition to knowledge and experience, facilities for production and innovation are shared. Together, we are shaping the factory of tomorrow for the manufacturing high-tech industry.

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Virtual b2b-Matchmaking
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