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German-Dutch Fieldlab: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Twins (AI4DT)
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Fieldlab Germany - Werk150

Werk150 is the factory of ESB Business School on the campus of Reutlingen University. The facility is used for application-oriented research and knowledge transfer in training, continuing education, demonstration of solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twin. We train future experts in the environment of innovative technologies.

At Werk150, we demonstrate, plan and design:

  • demonstrators for know-how transfer - making Industry 4.0 potential visible,
  • the use of cloud-based tools for service-oriented collaborative engineering,
  • smart automation solutions in logistics,
  • blockchain solutions in the supply chain,
  • agile value creation structures and processes,
  • hybrid work and production systems,
  • methods and tools for planning and realizing future-proof factories, production systems and warehouses,
  • solutions for the cost-optimal design of logistics supply at the strategic (location and production strategies), tactical ( adaptability and robustness) and operational (dynamics and flexibility) levels,
  • solutions with 5G private networks in production and logistics (Werk150 has a full 5G standalone private network).

Werk150 is a research facility of Reutlingen University. As a non-profit institution, it supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the implementation of innovation and research tasks. The ESB Business School factory does not pursue any commercial goals or economic interest. Projects are publicly funded or privately realized on cost basis.

Werk150's activities to support SMEs include:

  • Objective advice as independent scientists, as well as low-risk and low-threshold access to new technologies and infrastructures.
  • Development of new products and applications using Werk150's state-of-the-art infrastructure under real test conditions.
  • Research and realization of new business models through feasibility studies and workshops.
  • Prototypical implementation and testing of project ideas with the support of highly qualified personnel.

Our task as an applied research institution is to bring new developments and innovations from science into application and thus to sustainably support small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation potential.

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